The brand

better full stop

The brand

Introducing better full stop: 


better. is a British contemporary accessories brand with a focus on sustainability based in Wimborne, Dorset. The idea for better. was born in 2016 on the South Coast of England. 


The team consists of mother and daughter, Uschi and Nathalie. Uschi is an experienced, creative needle-worker; Nathalie has a degree in Fashion and Textile Management, a MA in Ethical Fashion and has worked in the fashion industry ensuring ethical compliance for a number of years. We care about what we do and always strive to do it even better.

'During my time at university I realised that the way most fashion accessories are produced and sourced can have a negative impact on the people in the supply chain and the environment and I felt the need to offer something better. In my mum I found an enthusiastic ally with all the creative skills and the idea of better. was born. Ever since we have spent all of our free time realising our dream of a world of better accessories.'  


We make beautiful products without relying on precious natural resources. There is too much waste in the world and we feel that it is much better and more responsible to use this resource to make unique accessories. Our hats and scarfs for example are entirely made from recycled fibres and recovered materials and sent to you in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. We think it is important that our products are made by hand and to a high standard, ensuring they last for a long time for you to enjoy. We at better. preserve traditional crafts and industry and produce our accessories in a socially responsible way, which respects the environment and all living creatures. Our designs are timeless with an elegant simplicity. better. collections are designed and made with love. All collections are small production runs. 


Our accessories make the world a little better because they are: 

* responsibly handmade in Europe  

* eco friendly - made from recycled materials 

* timeless and durable styles that last  

* not about fast fashion and mass production but pieces you can treasure.

Thank you for choosing better.