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Nathalie & Uschi - sustainable entrepreneurs & founders of  better full stop. 
“We make beautiful timeless products without relying on precious natural resources. There is too much waste in the world and we feel that it is more responsible to use this resource to make our accessories. Our hats and scarves for example are entirely made from recycled fibres."
better. was founded in 2016 and offers ethically made fashion and lifestyle accessories for adults and kids. Especially knitwear accessories & bags made from recycled materials, produced right here in the UK. During her studies for a degree in Fashion and Textile Management in Hamburg, Germany, Nathalie realised that fast fashion is unkind to people & the planet, so decided to do something about it. She moved to the UK and expanded her knowledge by studying for a Master's degree in Ethical Fashion at UCA Epsom. Let's make things better she suggested to her mum and after a lot of research, they found the first suitable yarns made from recycled fibres, out of which Uschi - being an experienced, creative needle-worker - created the first better. collection.
All better. collections are :  
- responsibly made in the UK
- using waste to make something new - helping to reduce pollution & resource use
- timeless and durable styles that last
- not about fast fashion and mass production but pieces to treasure
- small production runs
- preserving traditional crafts and industry
- dedicated to make fast fashion become a thing of the past
- made in the belief that buying fewer but better products is more sustainable
We don't want to be part of the poor treatment of the workers in the fashion industry and its negative environmental impact.
Let's make things better.
Uschi & Nathalie



“I was just looking at the hat we got at the Sustainable Christmas Market, and wanted to say thank you again for doing what you do - it does cheer me up everytime I see passionate small business owners, especially the ones that also do contribute to the wellbeing of our planet. Also my girlfriend loves the hat and has not stopped wearing it since Sunday!”

Farid G. - Customer Buyagift Sustainable Christmas Market 2019

better. is a Dorset based contemporary accessories brand with
a focus on sustainability, Founded by Uschi and Nathalie, a mother daughter combo, their mission is clear and simple - to make fashion better full stop. Their range of funky knits is entirely made from recycled fibres and recovered materials. Handmade and packaged in completely recyclable packaging too, the brand delivers on every level of sustainability and ethics.”

Nikki @ Ethicly.

"Better Full Stop’s unisex hats are crafted from yarn that is made from 100% recycled fibres, making them eco-friendly, soft and so cosy to wear. Every inch of Better Full Stop’s extensive, stylish accessories collection is lovingly hand made in the UK."

Pebble Magazine.